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Evangelion, MGS, Silent Hill, etc.

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absolutely disgusting


This Memory of Alessa version of the Heather statue made from Gecco’s unpainted model kit is simply amazing! The artist even added a wax layer to get the skin peeling effect!

Me: *calls u a nerd*
Me: *is actually very deeply in love with u*

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My deepest condolences. Were they always like that or did they start acting that way after some kind of event?

Nah, they were always this way. I never did anything to provoke them or have them lose faith in me. They’re just really controlling and it’s hard to go out and do the things I want to because of them.

Hey can some one tell my what it’s like to have supportive parents? Bc mine certainly are not :’)
This may be harder than I thought but I won’t give up on transferring I just won’t. I can’t.

(If you wana get an idea of how unsupportive my parents are, my mom withheld my social security number from me so I couldn’t get a job )


How to break up with someone:

Give them a sock and tell them they are a free elf now

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reminder to find out who your akatsuki boyfriend is before quizilla closes on october 1st

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